Now You Can Remove Pimples At No Extra Cost

Now You Can Remove Pimples At No Extra Cost

The rise in global warming and air pollution causes a day-to-day trouble for both men and women across the globe that is called pimples. Pimples are caused due to excessive dirt accumulation on the face and are an inflammation of the skin and are visible to everyone around you.
Acne resistance cream, fash wash and several other expensive pimple lotions are available in the market which is often not affordable by everyone due to the difference in the economic status. Hence, here are a few home cheap and no side effects remedies we can use:

Lemon consist of citric acid which when rubbed over the pimples kills the bacteria that causes pimples.

Need is perhaps the best of all. Neem leaves paste can be applied as a mask to get no acne skin.

Mashed up fresh papaya is a real natural tip to be pimple free.

A pimple free skin with water can also cause wonders. Having a hot water steam kills it all and gives a clear clean skin.

Toothpaste along with gifting a clear white shiny skin can also give a clear skin with no marks.

A little sandalwood paste can mix the extra pimple growth with the skin.

Getting rid of pimples is now an easy task even if we can’t afford the expensive cream and lotion. These remedies can make your pimple disappear from your skin and make it never come back again in absolutely no cost.  


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